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Angie Ziggafoos

AZig Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

Welcome to AZig Bookkeeping & Business Solutions LLC. My name is Angie Ziggafoos. Self-employment has been a part of my entire life. I grew up on a farm in south central Nebraska. I have been doing some sort of bookkeeping my entire adult life after obtaining an associate degree in business administration right after high school. I had an in-home day care when my children were young, and I’ve been with Mary Kay Cosmetics for over 20 years. I also worked at several different small businesses as we were raising our family. I returned to school as a non-traditional student to pursue what I laughingly call my “mid-life crisis” degrees over a decade ago. I received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Northern Iowa and an MBA with accounting emphasis from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

In my work at two different CPA firms and in those various small businesses, I discovered that there are many small business owners who want more from their bookkeeping service than just numbers to plug into their tax return. Many are looking for a business partner to work with them in growing and expanding their businesses, becoming more efficient, managing their finances, and as a sounding board for making decisions. I want to be that business partner!

I grew up on a farm at the edge of a small town in south central Nebraska as the oldest of six children. My husband, Ron, and I have two grown children, Danae & Jake. We have lived in South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, and are thrilled to be back in Nebraska. My favorite after-work activity is attending Husker volleyball matches and following NCAA volleyball. Ron & I also like to spend as much time as possible outside hiking and kayaking. And we are always in the middle of some house remodeling project.


Angie Ziggafoos
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