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Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Designed for small businesses, this all-encompassing package can simplify things by including the important coverages you need: property, liability, and worker's compensation.

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Commercial Property

Protect your property from losses such as fire, wind, or even theft that could bring your operations to a halt and cause significant financial hardship.  

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Rental Property Owner

There is a lot of exposure when you own real-estate assets rented to others. We understand the unique characteristics of rental properties and will help make sure you have the coverage you need.

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Business Use Auto

Whether business owned or personal vehicles operated by employees during the course of their work, your business and its assets need to be protected to avoid gaps left by personal auto coverage.

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Cyber Liability

There are significant risk exposures that can be associated with online operations, including cyber attacks of sensitive information. This helps protect against associated losses.

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Retirement Annuities

Small businesses have unique needs to provide retirement planning options for owners and employees. Annuities can offer lifetime income to help diversify your portfolio.

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Commercial Liability Umbrella

Lawsuits that award significant damages can easily exceed standard liability limits for underlying policies. Having a commercial umbrella provides additional overarching protection.

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Professional Liability

Coverage typically includes Errors and Omissions for professionals such as lawyers, accountants, or financial professionals, or malpractice for medical doctors. It covers the exposures from providing these services.

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Worker's Compensation

Coverage for your employees' accidents and injuries that occur while on the job is often a legal requirement. Having proper coverage can help cover liability for injuries, both short term and those more permanent.

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